mill lane veterinary surgery
mill lane veterinary surgery

Pet Insurance

As Veterinary care becomes more advanced, it costs ever more to supply the high standard of care you want for your pet. We recommend pet insurance, which takes away all the financial worries when your pet becomes ill.

There are different levels of insurance offered by the various companies. Level of cover is dependant on amount and duration of cover, and the policy excess may vary.

Type 1: "Cover for Life" with a fixed excess policy
The insurer offers a fixed level of cover for veterinary fees each year and then reinstates the full amount each year when the policy is renewed. There is only one fixed excess (usually £40-80) that is paid each insurance year. The pet, once accepted, is covered for life and no exclusions are added. This is the most comprehensive cover and therefore the most expensive.

Type 2: "Cover For Life" with percentage excess
This is as Level 1 cover with a larger excess that is generally 20% (but may vary depending on insurance policy) of the veterinary fees claimed.

Type 3: Fixed Amount per condition
This pays out a maximum limit per condition so you can claim for as long as it takes to reach this limit.

Type 4: "12 months policy"
This cover normally has a maximum limit per condition and also a maximum time (usually 12 months) that the condition can be claimed for. Once either is reached the condition will be excluded. This cover is not suitable for long term chronic conditions.

Each types of insurance has its place but it is important that you understand what you are getting for they money. It is also worth noting that when you change policies, previous conditions will be excluded on your new policy, so sometimes it is better to start with a comprehensive policy

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